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Advanced Beginners – Head Out on the Highway…!!

  • Agility 201 for Recreation

  • Agility 301 for Competition

Our Advanced Beginners series of classes continue to lay a solid foundation for dog-handler teams that want to continue with their dog agility training and pursue agility in a positive and enthusiastic manner!  Two tracks–Recreational Agility and Competition Agility–are offered for students to choose from.  You’ve got your motor runnin’, now let’s head out on the agility highway!


Agility 201

Recreational Agility – this is for teams that want to continue with their training and enjoy agility, but don’t have the inclination to test their skills in the show ring.  Classes progress at a more relaxed pace with less emphasis on precision handling and performance. Recreational Agility is perfect for the person who has a busy life and can’t put as much time into their training, but still want to get out there with their dog and build that bond that only comes from working and playing together!

Agility 301

Competition Agility – if you really find yourself bitten by the agility bug, if you are goal oriented and want your progress to be tested, if you want to take on a challenge and push your limits, then our Competition Agility track is for you!  You’ll be set for the agility show ring in no time.  We put more emphasis on handling rules, setting very specific criteria for you and your dog to meet, and aim for precision handling and performance.  We want to help meld you and your dog into the best team that you can be; all in a positive and upbeat manner!!

Details / Registration


Regular Class – $155 (six classes taken once a week; 5-7 students)

Semi-Private Class – $175 (six classes taken once a week; 3-4 students)

Class Times/Location:  Classes meet once a week for six-weeks at a regular time and location; they then rollover into another session with training ongoing with the same core group of people and dogs.  Classes run for 1 hour and 15 ~ 30 minutes. See Calendar for specific class dates/times/locations and/or request details to be sent to you via email.  Classes offered at both of our training facilities.  Class size is kept small; typically 3 – 6 dogs (7 max). No make ups or refunds offered after sessions have started (some rare exceptions apply).

Prerequisites: students must have completed two ~ three sessions of our Beginning Agility Series  (Agility 101 and Focus & Motivation Stations). Those choosing the Agility 301 – Competition Agility will need to pass an Evaluation testing the dog and handler in four different areas (agility equipment, agility handling and dog training skills, focus and motivation).  Details will be provided to candidates.

Registration:  Please send us an email using our Contact Us page.